Businesses can use Digital Assets for their inventory tracking, enabling a much more efficient way to track goods. Digital Assets provide detailed product data that eCommerce sites can use to resell on their platform.

Luxury Marketplace

With Digital Assets and Digital IDs, sellers and buyers can directly interact with each other without entirely relying on a central intermediary. Sellers can prove that their products are genuine with accurate information. Buyers can view product data on demand for confidence. Simply scan the product’s QR code or NFC card to pull up the information.

Consignment Retail Stores

Decentralized Enterprise Verification Solutions enabling personal luxury goods sellers to market buyers with absolute confidence that products are authenticated and prices are benchmarked against the standard.

Luxury Product Tracker

Once a product is verified by LUXCHAIN, owners can keep track of how much their item is worth. Our Global Price Index updates the product’s market value in real time. Owners can view their collection of Digital Assets that can rise in value over time.