Offline Shopping

Decentralized Enterprise Verification Solutions enabling personal luxury goods sellers to market buyers with absolute confidence that products are authenticated and prices are benchmarked against the standard.

Online Retail

Businesses can use Digital Assets for their inventory tracking, enabling a much more efficient way to track goods. Digital Assets provide detailed product data that eCommerce sites can use to resell on their platform.

Data Contribution

By contributing data to the community and LUXCHAIN Business Intelligence, users receive LXR tokens as a reward. User data allows the LUXCHAIN Business Intelligence to create deep insights for luxury goods, trends, and behavior. It also improves the overall Luxchain economy.

Image Labeling

Image Labeling allows any LUXCHAIN user to build luxury knowledge and be rewarded for correctly labeling images. High quality labeled images helps train LUXCHAIN’s AI technology to improve the Global Luxury Index. For example, users label luxury product images by determining if the product shown is a “Hermes” or a “Celine” handbag. Users level up and earn LXR by submitting the correct label. Label images anywhere at anytime while building luxury knowledge. Every user has the power to directly contribute to LUXCHAIN - creating an open network of decentralized contributors.

Luxury Marketplace

With Digital Assets and Digital IDs, sellers and buyers can directly interact with each other without entirely relying on a central intermediary. Sellers can prove that their products are genuine with accurate information. Buyers can view product data on demand for confidence.

Data Exchange

LUXCHAIN has the world's largest luxury product data that can be shared with the LUXCHAIN Business Intelligence Platform and Decentralized Data Exchanges. High quality data can be accessed by anyone while increasing security, transparency, and data integrity while lowering cost. We also reward users for providing data to LUXCHAIN.